6at4 Business Report: ebay, airlines and Europe

November 7, 2011

European debt crisis
The big concern now is the huge borrowing costs that Italy is now facing. Italy's prime minister may be forced to resign after Greece's prime minister agreed to step down yesterday so that country can create a new government to get international aid to avert a default on its debt.

Baggage fees = big bucks
Airlines making big bucks on those baggage fees. Airlines collected $887 million in baggage fees alone in April, May and June!

First biofuel flight
Speaking of airlines, United/Contintenal marks a milestone with biofuels: The first commercial flight run partly on biofuel - takes to the skies today. United is the first airline to fly passengers using a blend of biofuel made from algae and traditional jet fuel to power an airplane.

ebay launches celebrity auction site
ebay is looking to celebrities to bring in more customers. ebay launched ebay.com/celebrity. Earlier this year some lock's of /*Justin Beiber*/'s hair brought in over $40,000 for a charity and according to USA Today and ebay hopes to become a gathering place for other celebrity charity auctions. Beginning participants include /*Brad Pitt*/ and /*Katy Perry*/.

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