Teenage skateboarder injured in Delco hit-and-run

UPPER DARBY, Pa. - November 7, 2011

"It's really sick that people have no conscience, that they're going to hit a kid and run off," said Michael Filano, a witness.

Filano and Fred Federovitch, both pizza delivery drivers rushed out of their establishments late Saturday night, moments after a vehicle struck a 14-year-old, who lay on the road, seriously injured.

"I saw the skateboard cut in half, with the kid laying there," said Federovitch.

Police say the teenager was wearing headphones when he rode his skateboard into traffic.

"He was struck by a high-end SUV, knocking him off the skateboard, flying through the air and landing on his head," said Superintendent Michael Chitwood, of the Upper Darby Police Department.

Witnesses told police the hit-and-run driver then drove less than a half-block and continued on.

"The person goes down about 30 yards, gets out of his car and looks to see what kind of damage he has. He never goes back to check on the young man he ran over and then drives off at a high rate of speed," said Superintendent Chitwood.

The victim remains hospitalized in serious condition with head trauma, internal injuries and a broken hip.

The driver remains at large.

"People should have the guts to stand up, and when they make a mistake to stop and help instead of taking off like that," said Federovitch.

Police describe the suspect as a white male, 30 to 40-years-old, 5'9" in height with black hair. He was driving a black SUV.

Anyone with information is asked to call Upper Darby Police at 610-734-7677.

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