Hollywood Buzz: Ashton Kutcher, Prince William

Ashton Kutcher is back-peddling, after defending Penn State football coach Joe Paterno on Twitter. Kutcher said the firing was an insult and in poor taste.

Apparently Ashton didn't know about the child sex abuse case until an hour later. That's when he said he quickly deleted his post and retracted.

On his blog, Ashton wrote "I am truly sorry if I offended anyone." As a result, his tweets will now be managed by his team.

And Prince William will spend his first married Christmas with his new bride. Then he's being deployed.

Today Britain's defense ministry said the second-in-line to the throne will serve as an Air Force search-and-rescue pilot in the politically sensitive Falkland Islands next year, just in time for the 30th anniversary of the war between Britain and Argentina.

Kate will stay home while Will's away for those six weeks.

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