Flash mob wedding on 11-11-11

PHILADELPHIA, PA - November 11, 2011

Over 50,000 couples walked down the aisle Friday, and Alejandra Valenzuela and David Poppiti were one of the couples from the Philadelphia area capitalizing on 11-11-11.

Those who know them describe them as off-beat love-birds, they proved it Friday afternoon during their flash mob wedding in from of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

"It was perfect," says groom David Poppiti, "Flash mob wedding. I love it."

At the appointed time, friends and family quickly gathered on the museum steps where Alejandra and David vowed to love one another and sealed their vow with a kiss.

They knew they wanted to get married November 11, 2011, but they wanted to find a way to make their wedding unique.

"Well, 11/11/11 is a good luck date. Everybody's getting married today, but nobody got married like we did!" says bride Alejandra Valenzuela.

David and Alejandra say they even sent out the invitations via Twitter and Facebook to give their wedding that "flash mob vibe."

"David and Alex are very much in love and non-traditional, and I think they just wanted to do something that was very playful," says David's sister Shelly. She says the ceremony fit them to a tee.

There was one very traditional aspect of the wedding. The flash mob ceremony was supposed to begin at 3:00pm sharp, but the bride didn't arrive until about 3:20pm.

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