Hollywood Buzz: Patti Labelle, Dancing with the Stars, Twilight

November 15, 2011

Patti Labelle in hot water

Philadelphia's own Patti LaBelle found herself in a little hot water after she allegedly threw a bottle of water at a woman and her 18-month-old daughter. The R&B diva also allegedly hurled curses at them in the apartment building lobby where she's been staying to work on upcoming projects. Apparently LaBelle was chastising the mom -- Roseanna Monk -- for lax parenting after she let the toddler walk around unaccompanied. The Monks filed a complaint with police. No arrests were made.

Dancing with the Stars costumer
A local costume apprentice will certainly feel like a star tonight as she watches her designs grace the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars. Twenty-two-year-old Amanda Wolff from Dresher, Montgomery County, is a costume apprentice at the Walnut Theatre. She's also the national winner of Dancing's "Macy's Design a Dance" contest. Amanda created an original design to be worn as two dancers perform the paso doble to Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance."

"I guess I just wanted it to be a little edgy," Wolff told Action News, "the lace arm, these studded belts around her the ombred skirt the leather cuffs... "

When asked who she wants to wear the costumes, she replied: "I guess probably Max, and I like Kim, too. I think they look like my people, so maybe them!"

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