Pay 6 Forward: Gibbstown, N.J.

GIBBSTOWN, New Jersey - November 16, 2011 Some looked, some waved, others rushed towards me. She explained you can't keep the money yourself and can't give it to a relative or someone who lives with you. They had heard of the segment, but they were surprised to see me.

"Well I never thought you'd come to Gibbstown, that's for sure!"

It was hard to think of someone available right then for the surprise.

Then we met Debbie Hosmer and decided her friend needed help. Toni Gugel's husband Larry lost his job a year and a half ago. The family of 5 couldn't keep up with the mortgage payments and they lost their dream home. Toni and the kids moved in with her parents.

"She's got 3 children and been rough and husband got a job but has to be away most of the week," Hosmer told Action News.

They seemed like the perfect family to surprise. They're grateful Larry has a job even though it's hours away.

"I know things have been really hard for you the last year and I thought that you would be a good candidate for paying something forward."

It was intensely emotional. I counted out the money to Debbie and then she paid it forward.

"My mom and dad helped us out and friends helped us out, and hopefully this is the beginning to a new start and a new year."

Debbie Hosmer never even told us she's out of work herself. But she felt that someone blessed her by giving her this car to use and she was happy to help a friend. Toni asked how she can pay it forward and we told her to put it towards a place to live; pay it forward down the road when you're on your feet.

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