3 in custody in Bucks Co. undercover drug sting

BENSALEM, Pa. - November 16, 2011

Uniform officers held down the perimeter while SWAT moved in and took down at least three people in a parking lot where RVs are stored near Daley's Service Center and Auto Repair.

"All I could hear outside was 'hey, get down on the ground, down on the ground' and that was it," business owner Richard Judge said.

Undercover officers moved throughout the scene during the apparent drug bust.

Judge who was working next door at the time of the raid walked outside along with others to see what was happening.

"There were two uniform agents right here in full SWAT gear and the one guy said, 'get back in' and I went back in," Judge said.

Officers searched around trailers and towed away a car with a New York license plate from the lot.

Judge says the area is typically quiet which makes it's the perfect place for an undercover operation.

"It's once in a while somebody comes back there and that's it, it's usually quiet, and then all of sudden it's 40, 50 people all over the place," Judge said.

The DEA and ICE are now involved in this investigation.

A spokesman for the Bucks County District's Attorney Office says they know about the operation today, but they cannot comment about the ongoing investigation.

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