Holiday Food Drive

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.-November 22, 2011

It's also a convenient way for you to support our annual Holiday Food Drive. While you're along the parade route Thursday, you can donate non-perishable food items on the spot, and help Philabundance and its member agencies fight hunger.

The year-end food drive is their single biggest resource in helping feed those in need. Year-round, Philabundance gets help from supermarkets, food companies and others. But this time of year, individual donations help in ways those resources do not.

When an individual donates a canned good item or a bag of food, those in need tend to get more of the things a family would choose off a supermarket shelf.

There's individuality...personality in those items. Any non-perishable, unbreakable item is welcome. But personal care items like toothpaste are welcome, as are baby care supplies.

Infant formula, which tends to be costly, is also a valued donation. But anything you can give will help.

Philabundance also needs help in other ways. If you make cash contribution, it gets stretched, because the agency uses its partnerships to buy more food than an individual would with the same amount of money. It helps defray the cost of transportation food from donor companies to Philabundance warehouses. And it pays staff, of course.

Philabundance also welcomes volunteers. Groups from houses of worship, schools and community groups can organize a visit to sort and pack donated items. Individuals can pitch in.

This time of year, children visiting with adults are invited to write and color greeting cards which are then tucked into bags sent to clients.

It's also important to note that clients no longer fit a single demographic profile. The economy being what it is, there are people without jobs in every zip code.

People from all walks of life are seeking help. So the need is great, and so are opportunities to help.

One easy way to explore these opportunities is to visit the Philabundance website.

You may also phone them toll-free at 1-800-319-FOOD. That's 1-800-319-3663.

There's a special food drive page on our website, too:

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