Electronic eyeglasses available in our area

November 18, 2011

They are a new twist on progressive lenses. Progressive lenses incorporate distance and reading strengths, but unlike bifocals there's no line between them.

But, with progressive glasses, the reading power is "on" when you look down - Which can be annoying when walking down stairs or playing sports.

The new emPower glasses give the user control.

"With the touch of a finger, I turn my eyewear and my reading power on," said Rick Abel of Pixel Optics. "With the touch of a finger, I can turn it off when I don't need it."

The glasses also have an automatic mode - It adjusts when you move.

"With the tilt of the head, the reading zone turns on, with the tilt of the head, the reading power turns off," said Abel.

emPower glasses need to be recharged about every 2 to 3 days.

They come in a wide range of prescriptions and about three dozen frame styles.

They cost between $1,000 to $1,200. That is several hundred dollars more than the average progressive lenses.

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