Occupy Philly votes to appeal city's permit offer

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - November 22, 2011

The protesters have been in a plaza next to City Hall since early October as a statement about economic injustice, but the city has told them they have to leave to make way for a long-planned $50 million renovation project. On Monday, the city offered a one-month permit for the plaza across the street, but no one would be allowed to remain overnight and no tents or structures would be allowed.

Gwen Synder one of the protest organizers, said the general assembly voted Tuesday night to appeal to city officials, who have promised to give adequate notice before any eviction.

Earlier in the day, Nathaniel Miller of Occupy Philadelphia explained told Action News, "[City officials] will give at least a 48 hour notice before construction begins in Dilworth Plaza and people have to vacate."

The question now for many of these Occupiers is where to go next.

With only a tech tent to shield computer equipment allowed during permitted hours and not a full encampment, some believe the city is trying to dismantle their movement. But city officials have pointed to what they've called intolerable conditions at the ongoing Dilworth Plaza site: hygienic and public safety issues of the 24 hour protest that they don't want to see repeated at Paine Plaza.

"In general, we don't want to see what we have seen over in Dilworth Plaza. We don't like the deteriorating conditions. We think tenting was part of that," Everett Gillison, the Mayor's Chief of Staff, said.

Protestors will have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to appeal the proposal.

Again, the proposed permit is only for one month, so if they would want to stay longer at the new site, they would have to apply again for an extension.

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