CDC warns against eating raw cookie dough

ATLANTA - December 12, 2011

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it's not only the eggs that make cookie dough so risky, but also the flour.

While looking into the 2009 E. Coli outbreak linked to pre-packaged cookie dough.

With that outbreak, 77 people in 30 states got sick, with 35 hospitalized.

Investigators toured the factor where the ready-to-bake dough was made found that flour is the ONLY ingredient that does not go through a germ-killing process before the dough is made.

The CDC won't specifically say that flour was indeed the cause of the massive E.coli outbreak, it was the most suspicious ingredient.

The CDC wants makers to change their process so the raw cookie dough is safer, because even they realize Americans won't ever completely give up eating cookie dough.

One infectious disease specialist says it's just part of growing up.

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