Black Friday shopping advice

November 24, 2011

Whether you are considering hitting the malls, or if you are planning to pop open the laptop and shop from the couch - here are some tips from the pros on how to make sure you save yourself from getting scammed!

There are a lot of trends - tablets are hot 3D is hot - gaming is hotter than ever. But should you rush out post-turkey to grab the Black Friday or Black Thursday night deals on electronics?

Steve Greenberg, the author of Gadget Nation says if you venture out, go with a plan

"If you focus in on the thing that is the sale item, make sure you get it and make sure you get a rain check if you are out of it," Greenberg said. "You will save some money."

Greenberg also says you can save yourself the trip and save just as big shopping at home in your pajamas.

"I like doing my shopping online: saves gas; eliminates the nightmare at the malls. Go online you can do everything."

If you also are shopping online, especially on Cyber Monday, Geek Squad Double Agent Brian Valdez Casselman from Best Buy has 4 tips to make sure you don't get scammed while scanning for savings.

1 - Be wary of spam e-mail. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Casselman says "Make sure that, when you receive emails, you are checking that they are from reputable sites that you signed up for specifically."

2 - Be sure you are surfing on a secure network.

3 - Do not save your credit card information on any shopping websites when you check out. "You are going to save yourself from someone else ordering with your name for themselves," Casselman says.

4 - Amp up your passwords. A lot of sites you will be shopping on Cyber Monday will require you to register with a username or password. You want to make sure your password is strong and your username has nothing to do with your actual self.

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