Drexel student arrested in Cairo arrives in Phila.

PHILADELPHIA - November 26, 2011

Gregory Porter is a free man and back home on U.S. soil after being released from an Egyptian jail.

"I love being in Philadelphia right now," said Porter.

19 year old Gregory Porter walked through the Philadelphia International Airport Saturday afternoon with a smile on his face. He was surrounded by cameras, his family and his attorney.

A few days ago, the Drexel University student from Glenside was standing next to two other American College students in Cairo, Egypt.

All of them were accused of trying to hurt security forces with firebombs from the roof of American University.

"I would like to thank the Embassy in Cairo for all the things for us as well as the administration at the American University in Cairo for all their help and support," said Porter.

The students who were in a foreign studies program, were not in custody long before the U.S. Embassy stepped in and an Egyptian court ordered their release.

"They and their families, from the outset, have demonstrated an absolute unwavering love and support for their son," said Attorney Ted Porter.

An Egyptian court ordered their release and within a matter of hours, they were on planes back to the United States.

"I'm just so thankfully to be back and love being in Philadelphia right now," Porter said.

"My lawyers, Ted and both Egypt and here, who worked tirelessly to obtain my freedom, I'm so thankful to be back," said Porter.

Rioting in the streets of Cairo has increased as protesters try to push military leaders to hand over power to a civilian government.

Porter didn't talk about the civil unrest or his alleged actions. Instead he delivered a brief statement and declined to answer questions.

"Right now, he's had a long trip," said Attorny Ted Simon. "He's going to head back with his family, and I'm sure there will be more to be told very shortly."

Porter's parents did not speak but other family members told Action News that they were just happy to have him home.

Porter says the first thing he wants to do is eat a cheesesteak.

A spokesman for Indiana University says 21-year-old Luke Gates arrived in the U.S. on a flight Saturday.

19-year-old Derrik Sweeney, the last of the three, arrived home late Saturday evening.

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