SPCA seeks help locating cat killers

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. - November 25, 2011

"I just don't want them to go on and hurt other animals or to be more extreme in their violence or graduate to hurting people," says Asad Qasim.

Asad Qasim and his mother want justice. Furball, their family cat had to be euthanized after someone shot him in the spine with a bb-pellet gun as he freely roamed the neighborhood.

The 10 year old orange Tabby was paralyzed and had to be put down.

"He was just like a family member, just like a little kid," said Sabah Qasim. "He was with us all the time."

"There's always violence in this world, but I'm grieved to know that it is affecting us, and the inhumanity of it is striking," said Asad.

Furball is one of four cats brutally killed in Chester County since mid-September.

An investigator from the Chester County SPCA was canvassing the Qasim's neighborhood Friday, looking for particular clues in the case.

"The air soft, BB-type guns," described Cheryl Shaw from the SPCA. "A lot of the kids in this neighborhood have those types of guns."

The four incidents have occurred all across Chester County from Malvern to Coatesville to Pottstown and Phoenixville.

The SPCA is asking for the public's help to catch the cruel perpetrators.

Each count of misdemeanor cruelty carries with it a minimum $1,000 fine, and up to two years in prison or both.

The Chester County SPCA is recommending tighter restrictions on cats during the holiday season.

Chester County officials are urging cat owners to keep their pets indoors. Their research shows that cats live much longer that way.

"We really urge cat owners to keep their cats inside, especially with what's been going on in the county lately. And additionally, research shows that cats that are indoor cats live longer healthier lives," said Rich Britton, SPCA.

If you can help police catch any of these animal killers call 610-692-6113 ext. 213.

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