Mrs. Fixit: Creating a shelving nook

November 27, 2011

For the project you'll need wood for the shelves, some molding for the shelf supports, and a few basic tools.

Pre-measuring the space that you're working with and bringing those measurements with you to the lumber yard is a huge time saver.

Have the selves cut to size and your work will be cut in half!

I want to add a decorative band to the front of each shelf so I need to make sure I account for the width of the band in my measurements.

Use a level to make sure your supports are in the right spot and tack them into place with some finishing nails. A nail gun will make things easier during this step.

Pre-painting your shelves so you don't need to work around the walls once they are in place, is another timesaver.

Once all the supports are installed, slip the shelves into place.

To add the decorative band, measure across the front of the shelves and cut the pieces to size. I'm using stock 1 x 2 pieces but you could use any type of decoration that you would like.

Tack the pieces into place with some finishing nails and they will give the shelf a little more presence.

Finally all I need to do is paint and the project is complete. Now I have the perfect use for an unused nook.

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