Parenting: Thanksgiving with Diabetes

She's a smart girl and has adapted so quickly to life as a Type 1 Diabetic. This was our first Thanksgiving with diabetes and I frankly wasn't sure what to expect.

Jen has a big sweet tooth and we usually have brownies and pies and corn muffins along with our Thanksgiving feast.

This year I spread the word to the visiting family not to bring any dessert. My plan was to have a simple pumpkin pie and give Jen a slice.

Of course, life doesn't go according to plan.

Someone brought a beautiful apple pie, complete with sugar crumbs on top. Jennifer really wanted to try it and foolishly, I didn't think to scrape the topping off.

Her sugar was off the rest of the night and it quickly affected her mood.

I know I can't control every dessert Jennifer encounters and I don't want her to feel like she's be punished by not indulging in a treat.

I think the only moral of the story is that life does not go according to plan.

Next time, I'll ask more questions about a dessert I didn't make and hope that Jennifer will learn to make better choices when she's older.

In the end, we are all thankful for insulin and hope someday we can say we're thankful for a cure.

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