Hottest toys for the holiday season

November 29, 2011

Every year, the list includes lots of bicycles, Barbies, board games, and maybe a pony or two. Every holiday season has its own unique must-haves.

Action News visited the Target in Cherry Hill for a look at what's hot.

"The Scrabble flash game, Simon flash games, games that are very interactive are very hot right now," said Dan Carroll.

It seems every season has a "hit" Elmo. This year it's "Let's Rock Elmo", an interactive singing version for pre-schoolers.

Similar and slightly less expensive is Fisher Price's "Rock Star Mickey." It's an animated, electronic version of Mickey himself.

Since there is always something new to get, the Barbie dolls never cool off.

Disney's Princess doll line is also big, and not just the dolls.

"We have a whole aisle dedicated to the princess piece for girls, whether it's dress up or the dolls themselves," said Carroll.

This season there is a constant demand for classic board games.

Some become collectible electronic games that engage young and old, and they certainly add excitement.

Since it's still early in the season, if your favorite retailer is out of an item, you can always shop online.

"If you have a Target Red Card you can get free shipping on all items as well," said Carroll.

Time is ticking away, toy experts suggest purchasing these products early before they sell out.

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