Filet Mignon tops most shoplifted items list

November 30, 2011 8:33:08 PM PST
'Tis the season for holiday shopping, but retailers across the country say more people are taking a five-finger discount.

Adweek reports shoplifting is up 6-percent from last year costing the industry $119-billion.

The most-stolen item may surprise you: filet mignon, or in industry terms "luxury meat."

Luxury liquors are number two.

Electric tools are third most stolen, that category includes power saws and sonic toothbrushes.

It's not until fourth place that electronics show up.

Fifth is replacement razor blades, especially Gillette Mach 4's.

Axe deodorant is sixth.

Polo Ralph Lauren is seventh.

Let's Rock Elmo tops Toys R' Us hot toys.

Chanel Number 5 is actually Number 9 with other perfumes.

And sneakers like Nikes will just about "do it" for this list.