Champion Little Quakers return back home

PHILADELPHIA - December 4, 2011

The Quakers swept four straight in their traveling national tour ending up with a 52-14 victory over a Georgia team yesterday in Atlanta.

These 36 youngsters all have higher aspirations for the years ahead on and off the gridiron.

"I'm going to go to try for Central High School next year, or maybe if I get into Penn Charter, I'm going to play for them," Little Quaker Ralph Highland said.

"It was exciting; it was a real good experience. I'm a second year player. It was pretty fun," teammate Yeedee Thaernet said.

"It was pretty good. We all made a team effort. We all just went out there and gave it our best," teammate Niles Easley added.

The Little Quakers club began in 1953. Among the players on the 2011 team is Vinnie Papale, son of Eagles legend Vince Papale.

"To get them to gel the way they did and come together as a team is really phenomenal," Vince said.

"There were tryouts for this. I worked hard to get into the team and then traveling everywhere, it just means a lot," Vinnie said.

This team has been coached by the same man for 25 years

He's proud of this team's performance on the field and their overall sportsmanship.

"One of their memories will be right after the game where the other team insisted to come over and have a team picture together, so both teams after a good game got together," Head Coach Ed Foley said.

The Little Quakers arrived back home Sunday night, not so little anymore.

They're champions at the national level. They grew from this winning experience as they now look toward playing in high school, perhaps college, and maybe far beyond that.

Despite their glorious weekend, the coach is relentless in his demand that they continue to get good grades, championship advice for a team of champions.

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