Hollywood Buzz: Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr., Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Album Released
The album featuring unreleased tracks recorded by singer /*Amy Winehouse*/ hit stores today. The 27-year-old died of alcohol poisoning in July after a long battle with substance abuse. "Lioness Hidden Treasures" features 12 new songs.

Lady Gaga goes to Washington
Pop singer /*Lady Gaga*/ is taking on a serious and personal cause -- bullying. She's meeting with staffers of President Obama's administration today to discuss her work on bullying prevention. She won't be meeting with president this time (he's in Kansas), but they have met before.

New Year's Eve
We're a little less than a month away from New Year's, but an all-star cast wants you to celebrate now! /*Josh Duhamel*/, /*Katherine Heigl*/, /*Ashton Kutcher*/, /*Halle Berry*/... the list goes on for the romantic comedy "New Year's Eve" which took over Hollywood with its red carpet premiere last night. Getting a cast like this didn't take much begging. Ask /*Zac Efron*/, who got the call from /*Michelle Pfeiffer*/!

"Three days later I check my voicemail, heard her voice, freaked out, cause clearly she didn't think I was gonna call her back," said Efron. "I was like 'I'm in, I'm in! Please, please, I wanna work with you so bad.'"

"New Year's Eve" hits theaters Friday!

"In the Land of Blood and Honey"
/*Angelina Jolie*/'s new movie "In the Land of Blood and Honey" hits theaters soon. But you won't see her in front of the camera. This time, she took on writing and directing roles.

"I don't know if it's more rewarding, but the writing is the hardest because it feels the most exposed," Jolie said. "It feels the most private. When you're an actress you use somebody else's words. You can always blame the director and the director..."

The film opens in limited release December 23rd.

Robert Downey Jr. and wife expecting son
/*Robert Downey, Jr.*/ is expecting a baby boy. The actor made the announcement on television last night, even though he joked that spilling the beans would get him in trouble with his wife. The baby's due in late February.

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