6at4 Business Report: "Revival" for HP Touchpad

December 8, 2011

Jobless claims down
The stock market was down even though fewer Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week according to the U.S. Department of Labor. But, companies may still be reluctant to hire more people until consumer demand picks up, and they're waiting to see if the payroll tax cuts are extended.

$99 refurbished HP Touchpads
Another fire sale on the way for HP's Touchpad. techcrunch.com says the failed tablet will go on sale on Hewlett Packard's official e-bay store starting this Sunday at 6pm. The 16GB version for $99. But there is a Catch: you need a PayPal account, and you will be buying a refurbished HP Touchpad.

Hasbro going green for Christmas
Parents you're going to love hearing this! Those toys under the Christmas tree will become safer for the environment. Hasbro said today they will totally eliminate PVC from all of the company's toy and game packaging beginning in 2013. The company says they have already begun to phase out PVCs from some of its packaging. PVC is an indestructible plastic that releases hydrochloric acid when burned.

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