Hollywood Buzz: Alec Baldwin, 50 Cent

Alec Baldwin's apology
Alec Baldwin, the Emmy-winner, apologized to the passengers on board Tuesday's flight for the delays he caused by refusing to stop playing the game "Words with Friends" on his cell phone. Baldwin did not, however, apologize to the airline, or the female flight attendant he later mocked on Twitter.

Devine design gala
Iit was a night of style, elegance, and compassion in Beverly Hills as stars came out to celebrate the 20th annual Devine Design opening gala. The week-end long shopping event offers designer goods at deep discount prices. All proceeds go to providing meals to people with life-threatening illnesses

"I feel like that's my purpose in life is to give back," said actress Viola Davis. "I mean, what else is there? You know, you can't just feed yourself, you know? That's a kind of limited sense of life, you know? You have to live a life beyond yourself."

Every $5 spent at the sale provides someone a meal!

50 Cent releases book
Rapper, actor... and author! Hip-hop star 50 Cent is set to release a fitness book titled "Formula 50: A Six Week Total Body Transformation Plan." It will feature resistance training as well as a nutrition guide. It hits store shelves in early 2013. He also recently released a teen novel called "Playground."

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