2 men wanted for impersonating Del. State Troopers

NEWARK, Del. - December 6, 2011

It happened Monday around 12 noon along Ogletown Stanton Road at Rolling Drive in Newark.

The first male suspect was behind the wheel of his black Dodge Charger when his vehicle struck another car nearby.

After the collision the suspect activated red and blue emergency lights.

Wearing a police uniform, the man exited the vehicle and approached the driver of the other car.

The man identified himself as a State Trooper from Troop 6, provided a fake badge number and a false phone number.

He advised the female driver that a report would be filed regarding the accident.

A short time later, a second Dodge Charger approached the scene with a man wearing the same uniform as the first suspect.

Both men later fled in their vehicles.

One suspect was described as a Hispanic male, the other described as a White male.

Both are 25-30 years of age and were last seen wearing a blue short sleeved uniform shirt with a badge, blue pants, and a small square style hat with a brim.

The Delaware State Troopers have offer several precautions for those who think they may have been pulled over by someone impersonating a police officer:

  • Put on your flashers, drive the speed limit and call 911 from your cell phone. Tell the 911 dispatcher that you are concerned. If you do not have a cell phone, drive to a well lit, busy area, such as the parking lot of a busy store.
  • Do not stop your vehicle or get out of your vehicle until a dispatcher can confirm you are being pulled over by a legitimate police officer.
  • If the dispatcher cannot confirm that you are being pulled over by a police officer, stay on the line with the dispatcher. Drive carefully to a safe place, such as a local police department.
  • If you are issued documents that may be suspicious, contact the issuing agency about their legitimacy.
  • Report anything suspicious.

    Troopers are also asking anyone who has information regarding this incident to contact them at 302-633-5000 Ext #667.

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