Fashion students create chemo clothes

PHILADELPHIA - December 7, 2011

Infinity scarves, scarves that can also act as head-bands, scarves in every color, every variety, are the creations of fashion students at Philadelphia University.

"We had t-shirts that we just didn't need any more from the university," said Madeline Herman. "We wanted to make a product that was in style right now that people would wear, and they could just throw on with any type of apparel."

The resourceful class spent the entire semester learning how to design and create by hand, and many of them were not exactly fashion design students, but were more along the business side of fashion.

The best part about the project is that the students will be able to sell their designs for a good cause.

"Chemo Clothes is a non-profit organization based around giving people a chance to fight cancer themselves," said Jared Levy.

Jared Levy started the non-profit helping the cancer community after his own mother, an avid knitter, passed away from the disease.

"I pitched the idea of selling my mom's old scarves as a way of raising money, and we kind of took the idea a step further," said Jared.

Now the students are getting chance to get real world views of the fashion side of business, with real people wearing their product.

"And as a bonus, the profit will go towards a great cause, and people will understand that and relate to that," said Jared.

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