Mrs. Fixit:Christmas Storage

December 31, 2011

Whenever possible, save the original packaging from ornaments and other decorations. The company made that packing to protect their items and get them safely to your house - you can count on those boxes to do the same in storage.

If you don't have the original packaging the key is protecting. Check out the way these ornaments came pakaged, in a wood crate with some super soft filler. I wanted to recreate that protection. Save the wooden crates that oranges come in to pack your ornaments.

Run some paper towels through a paper shredder. The soft shreds become the perfect pillow for protecting your ornaments.

Now if you have a special display that you like to recreate from year to year, take a picture of it and then pack all of the elements for that display in the same box so you know right where they are.

To protect the items in your bins, line the bottom with bubble wrap so if it gets set down too hard the force doesn't break any items in the bin.

Decorations like stockings and tree skirts can be damaged by moisture in storage, pack them away in airtight bags that you vacuum the air out of to keep them safe.

That's all there is to keeping your treasures safe from year to year! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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