Pay 6 Forward: South Philadelphia

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - December 7, 2011.

"I stood outside a shopping center South Philadelphia with my sign, 'I'm giving away $600. Ask me how. It always amazes me how many people just drive right by.

"Then we met Gwentyh Williams who seemed to me a woman on a mission."

"I stopped to do something nice for somebody else," Williams said.

Gwenyth told us about her neighbor she's known for nearly 20 years.

"Faithfully, every day, she cleans the block. I mean the whole block. Years ago everyone came out on their block to clean. We don't do that anymore, but she does. She does."

Joan Patterson is old-school. She believes in neighbors helping neighbors. Even at 74 years old, she's out there every day in her Southwest Philly neighborhood sweeping up and down the entire block and picking up the trash, showing respect for the city she loves.

"Miss J., we've been blessed with her," said Duane Coleman of Southwest Philadelphia. "(There's) not too many people left like her it's inspiration to see her get out."

Miss Joan doesn't have a husband or kids to look after her, so Gwenyth wanted to let her know, she'll never be alone.

"I'm 'Paying 6 Forward' to you my lovely neighbor I love so much, "she said." God bless you Miss Joan. Thank you so much."

Usually when she has money, Joan said it's for bills. Now that she has something extra she's going to help some people in her life. She said she had been wishing she could do that, and now she's got the money.

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