Tips for wrapping the perfect gift

CHERRY HILL, NJ - December 22, 2011

The nationwide chain with a store locally at Cherry Hill Mall offers "Gift Wrap Wonderland" this time of year.

There are daily live demonstrations of top-notch wrapping techniques, and experts are on hand to answer your questions.

Gina-Marie Brahms walked us through the basics. For a simple box, cut the paper a bit larger than the finished package will need, and use double-sided tape to secure it, starting at one edge of the bottom. That way, the inevitable seam will be least visible and the recipient sees no tape.

Make all your creases nice and tight and the wrap will look like a pro did it. As for bows, don't limit yourself to the plastic bag full of stick-ons everyone seems to sell.

About nine feet of satin ribbon will enable you to make a festive five-inch pom-pom bow from scratch.

The company's website has a how-to video if you can't make it to the store. There's also a vast selection of boxes, bags, tins and tubes to wrap just about any gift, and the staff can answer any questions you might have.

The store also stocks a good selection of reasonably priced stocking-stuffer items.

This time of year, each location partners with a local charity. The store asks customers to donate warm winter clothing.

The Cherry Hill store is donating those items to North Camden's Respond, Inc., which provides them to children in need.

For more information, you may visit The Container Store, where you'll find those how-to videos and a lot more about holiday wrapping ideas.

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