POLL: Gay student outed by school

LEHI, Utah - December 15, 2011

The teacher says he was worried the student might be threatened or harassed at school, so they treated it as a safety issue.

"It started last week when the student chose to make his sexual orientation known at the school," said Rhonda Bromley of the Alpine School District.

In the 14-year-old's writing assignment, which he knew could likely be posted in class, he expressed that he was gay.

School officials say they were worried he might be bullied, and that whenever there's a safety issue involving a student at school they strive to involve the parents.

According to the Associated Press, Alpine School District officials said an aide overheard other students making negative comments about the boy, who had told administrators he was gay but wasn't ready to tell his parents.

District spokeswoman Bromley said Tuesday the boy reluctantly agreed to allow his sexual orientation to be revealed to his parents but chose not to be present when they were told.

A student at the school, who is bi-sexual, told television station KTVX She thought that "it was not even close to the school's position to tell his parents about that.

"It should be an individual's choice to come to their parents because a lot of times parents do not react the way kids want them to."

Administrators with the school district say if it's kept secret and the boy's hurt in school, the parents could possibly have had grounds for legal action against the district.

The student's parents have removed him from school until the controversy subsides, according to the Associated Press.

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