Connecticut killer spotted on Jeweler's Row

CENTER CITY - December 15, 2011

He cultivates a sophisticated look, favoring well cut clothing on his thin 5' 10" frame. He wears a driving cap over his close cropped hair and dark frame glasses.

There is one other thing: Connecticut State Police say the dapper fellow is a cold-blooded killer.

"The suspect met with jewelers in West Port, Connecticut. During the meeting he shot two jewelers, robbing them," Connecticut State Police Sgt. James Kline said.

One of the Westport jewelers was killed.

That was a week ago, December 8th.

On Thursday night, Connecticut State Police were in Philadelphia to show surveillance video of the same suspect inside stores on Jeweler's Row three days before the Westport killing.

Police say the suspect was talking about buying diamonds, but the Philadelphia store owners were apparently leery of his pitch.

"They felt uncomfortable, some of the witnesses have actually said they thought he was going to scam them," Kline said.

Those on Jeweler's Row told Action News the suspect was talking about buying big, high quality stones worth $60,000 apiece and seemed to know his way around the business.

"You can always tell when someone knows diamonds by the way they hold the loop or the tweezers and from what I heard from the police and other people is the fact he's very well versed in them," jeweler Nathan Barsky said.

Officials say the man also cased out a jewelry store in New York.

The threat of crime is a constant worry in this business, but industry vets say burglaries and smash and grabs are one thing. This man is something else.

"When you kill somebody, that's when it takes it to another level. This is somebody who is a dangerous person," jeweler Larry Paul said.

While officials aren't sure if the suspect has returned to the Philadelphia area, police are just hoping someone recognizes his face.

Anyone with information is asked to call Westport police at 203-341-6000.

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