Pay 6 Forward: The Darcy Family

AUDUBON, Pa. - December 21, 2011

For the past few months, Action News has been helping strangers with a gift of $600.

I stood outside of the Noriton Square Shopping Plaza with a sign: "I'm giving away $600. Ask me how." I met a few people who were interested. But there are rules: You can't keep the money yourself; You can't give it to a relative or someone who lives with you.

Jennifer McMamara knew exactly who she wanted to help.

"My best friend Angelina Darcy. She has 4 kids," McMamara said.

Angelina waitresses 6 days a week, is a single mom and takes care of her dad who has advanced Parkinson's Disease.

"This woman, I kid you not, has been through it all. This must be such a hard time for her with kids so young and single parent. Every day is hard for her," McMamara said.

We made sure she was home and headed over for the surprise.

Then Jennifer and I headed over to see Angelina:

"We're paying six forward to you, and that means we're giving $600 to your friend Jennifer and she wanted to give the money to you."

Then we Paid 6 Forward.

Angelina had already tried to explain to her toddlers not to expect much for Christmas. Her 15-year-old daughter has never had a new outfit because they shop at thrift stores.

"She's so good about it and so appreciative," Angelina told Action News. "But just to be able to get her something name brand with a tag on it is going to be really, really amazing."

Six-hundred dollars isn't enough to save a family, but it seems it's just enough to save Christmas for the Darcys.

I love stories that make look at things differently. What can you do to help others? The 15-year-old doesn't have a life of her own because she babysits the younger kids so mom can work 6 days a week and she never complains. Now she'll get a few special presents under the tree.

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