Holiday travelers take to the roads, rails, skies

PHILADELPHIA - December 23, 2011

30th Street Station is buzzing with folks trying to get out of town for the holidays.

Betria McNeal of Wycote, Pennsylvania tells Action News, "The plane tickets are just so expensive right now, so the train was just a more economical way for us to go."

The McNeal Family began their journey to Indianapolis early this morning. The train ride is long, but they'll find things to do.

Joshua McNeal says, "My mom's [going to] sleep for the train, and me and my sister's going to be doing what kids normally do on the train." That means behaving right? "Yes."

The luggage was piling up before sunrise at Philadelphia International Airport, and so were the lines. AAA has seen air travel dropping due to a 20-percent boost in airfares. Still, some travelers say they booked early for better prices, and departed early for thinner crowds.

Mark Solomon of Dresher, Pennsylvania explains, "We spent the night at the Marriott here to make sure we wouldn't have to drive and park and all the rest. So, we spent the overnight, but we got here a little before 4:00."

AAA MidAtlantic says it's automobiles that are the transportation of choice. Gas prices are higher compared to last year but the motor club says the number of folks traveling by car will still be up slightly. Still, drivers we spoke to in Wynnefield Heights said while they'd be using their cars, it would be close to home.

Simone Grant says, "The highway driving, you know, it's just crowded, it's congested."

Kena Howard was at the pump when our crew met up with her. She gave us her take on the cost of gas while teasing her family a bit, saying, "We should be going over to Jersey real quick to fill up real quick because this is a little high. Jersey, I think, is like $3.09. You get more for your money. So I could have got you an extra Christmas present - if we went to Jersey."

However you're traveling, take it easy, stay safe, and have a happy holiday.

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