Post-Holiday shoppers out in force

PHILADELPHIA - December 26, 2011

The National Retail Federation says $41billion worth of gift cards have not been redeemed since 2005.

But judging by the large crowds at the malls across the area, shoppers were out in force he day after Christmas making sure this year's Christmas gifts don't go unused.

"Shopping is real awesome today," said Michelle Starks. "Good deals, good deals."

Retailers had their signs displayed front and center, trying to lure shoppers. But were the slashed prices worth it?

It depends whom you ask.

"I'm seeing signs 70, 80, 90% off yeah, but it's off of certain items not the good stuff," said Ebony Leavy.

Others see the 70 and 80% discounts as really nice deals.

"I'm just spending the Christmas money I got," said Bobby Tieto.

Still others were looking to return items and find that gift on Santa's list that didn't make it under the tree.

"I shop a little bit now, and I actually bring receipts back to get price adjustments," said Devonna Starks.

The crowds seemed moderate, but nowhere near those of Black Friday.

Shoppers could stroll along, moving in and out of stores with little resistance, though some of the more popular retailers seemed busier than others.

"It really hasn't been that crowded; not where people have been knocking you down. It's been real comfortable shopping," said Michelle Starks."

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