Last mayor of Bristol Township

BRISTOL TWP., Pa. - December 29, 2011

Democratic Mayor John Monahan was making the rounds on Thursday as his two year term is winding down.

Before taking office, Monahan was a Bristol Township council member for 8 years and Sergeant at Arms for the House of Representatives in Harrisburg for 13.

When asked what was his favorite part about being mayor? Monahan replied, "Helping people. I enjoyed people calling."

He was over 80 when he entered office but didn't hesitate to run.

"They needed a candidate, and they came to me and wanted me to run; that was enough," said Mayor Monahan.

83 year old Monahan isn't retiring per se; he will be the last mayor of Bristol Township as the township is going to a council-manager form of government.

"We're going through a change in government, so he's actually the last mayor Bristol Township will ever have," said Jeff Bartlett. "It's kind of an honor, a nice way to go out with the New Year."

In the 2009 elections, voters chose to eliminate the position starting in 2012. The new format includes 7 council members, while the prior format had five council members and a mayor.

Among the expected benefits, the new format is seen as a way to expand representation on the council and help address more public complaints.

Monahan says he believes his role will be adequately distributed among other positions, but he will continue addressing the complaints logged in his book until his term officially expires at the end of the year.

Those who know him aren't surprised.

"They don't make many people like Mayor John Monahan," said Bristol Township resident Craig Cummons.

"He always takes time, no matter who it is. He's got a book in there full of complaints, and he calls everyone of them. It amazes me," said Joan Lamina.

So what next for Monahan?

"I've been offered a few jobs, but I think I'm going to take it easy for a few months," Monahan said.

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