Santorum has message for people of PA

January 3, 2012 6:39:34 AM PST
Rick Santorum held yet another event at a pizza ranch Monday night, but this one was different from so many in the past.

Even before he got there, it was so packed with members of the media, hundreds of them, pizza service was put on hold, and that's saying something.

Santorum's arrival created even more of a crush, but he stopped for an old reporter from Pennsylvania.

"Senator, what do you think of all this?" I asked.

"We're feeling very, very good about things right now," Santorum said.

I asked, "I know you've always been confident, but the intensity of all this, does this surprise you?"

"That's what wins caucuses, energy and enthusiasm. I think we've got that. We've got the momentum right now and hopefully, we'll end up in a good place," Santorum said.

New polls have Santorum in a virtual tie with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul among likely Republican caucus goers.

Santorum told the crowd tonight to trust their conviction tomorrow night and don't settle for a candidate who changes theirs just to get elected, an apparent swipe at Mitt Romney.

Then he thanked the people of Iowa and the next two battlefield states.

"I say this all the time, the people of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have not only made me a better candidate, not only will make me a better president, but they've made me a better person," Santorum said.

One final question, I asked the senator, "Is there an appropriate message for the people of Pennsylvania tonight?"

"Thank you because if it wasn't for the people of Pennsylvania, I wouldn't be here and they gave me a tremendous opportunity. I will be forever grateful no matter what happens," Santorum replied.