St. Hubert's alumnae not giving up hope

MAYFAIR - January 9, 2012

The consensus was they are not going to sit idly by and let this school close.

For over 70 years, St. Hubert's, the largest Catholic girls high school in Philadelphia, has educated women of faith and integrity from all across the region.

The school itself is a neighborhood landmark.

The school has over 30,000 alumnae which include educators, government officials, doctors, healthcare workers, lawyers and corporate professionals.

"It's such a vital part of our community; generations of women, mothers, children, nieces have been going to this school, you can't close the school down," alumna Donna Bambino said.

"We need our elected officials to understand that St. Hubert's is a treasure in this community, that it is not just a school, but that it is something that built economic and community development here in the Mayfair neighborhood," alumna Kathryn Ott Lovell said.

Parents seem far from convinced that the closing of St. Hubert's is due to falling enrollment and the economic strain it puts on the Archdiocese.

"I think there's other ways and distribution of money that they can do as opposed to getting rid of a mainstay school like this," parent Andrew Sullivan said.

Many here say they want to start a revolution to save St. Hubert.

The group plans to open a website and raise money for the purpose of keeping Saint Hubert Catholic High School for Girls open.

"We're looking for all of our alums out there, anybody who wants to assist us, who are attorneys, accountants, fundraisers, who are in the public relations world; we're looking for any help that we can generate right now," Lovell said.

The group is asking that anyone interested in joining the cause to visit the St. Hubert Alumnae Facebook page where they will be posting more information on what they need, the various committee's they are forming and how people can volunteer.

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