2 devices - 1 hot, 1 cold - claim fat removal

January 26, 2012 9:04:11 PM PST
Doctors using two new and different machines say it's possible to get rid of a little fat without having liposuction.

Paula Jackson used to work out regularly.

But when family needs took over, she stopped.

Once she started again, exercise toned-up some areas, but not her waistline.

"That midsection was not changing as fast as I wanted it to change," Paula said.

For Barbara Johnson, she says a medication left her with a muffin-top that wouldn't budge.

"That actually put 25 pounds on me and I can't get it off," Barbara said.

Each decided to try different devices that both promise to reduce those spots.

Barbara went for a treatment with Zeltiq, which uses extreme cold.

"It literally kills the fat cells and they slowly die off and get absorbed into the bloodstream," cosmetic surgeon Dr. Susan Hughes said.

Paula went for treatments with Exilis. It uses radiofrequency energy to heat trouble spots.

"It gets in there and melts the fat and also will tighten up the collagen in the skin," plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Glat said.

Paula says Exilis treatments feel warm and relaxing.

"It's almost like you're getting a massage," Paula said.

Dr. Paul Glat says Exilis has temperature monitors to keep the skin from getting too hot during the 30 to 60 minute treatments.

He says it takes 4 to 6 treatments, about 10 to 14 days apart, to get the best effect.

"When they get the full 6 treatments, that's when they start to see an inch or two go away," Dr. Glat said.

"The clothes started to become loose, and then at the fourth treatment, we did a measurement, and I had lost an inch and a half," Paula said.

At the end of her treatments, Paula's middle went from 34 to 31 inches.

As for Barbara and the Zeltiq treatment, Dr. Hughes says just one treatment is needed.

So before, Barbara was measured and marked.

Then the vacuum head was put on the target spot and the Zeltiq was powered up. About an hour later, the freezing was done.

And two months later, Barbara's muffin top shrank. Her lower waist went from 34 inches to 31 inches.

The price for the Zeltiq and Exilis is about the same - about $1,500.

The final results for each take 3 to 4 months.

However, other weight loss experts we spoke with are not as impressed. They say there is no quick fix to losing fat. It takes diet, exercise and hard work.