'80's toys make a comeback in Voorhees

VOORHEES, N.J. - January 29, 2012

A Captain America shield made out of metal was one of the many toys found at the Winter Fever event at The Mansion in Voorhees, N.J. hosted by Toyshow.org

Playtime does seem inevitable with so many tables stocked with so many different toys.

Superheroes, Sci-fi collectibles, no matter what you're looking for, there seems to be a common theme.

"People are usually trying to buy back a piece of their childhood, that's what it gets down to really," said Craig Dawson.

The popularity of toys go through cycles, but now collectors say it appears the 80's are making a comeback with toys like My Little Pony, Cabbage patch kids, and Smurfs.

Shera Princess of Power was available long with all her little friends.

"A lot of it's coming back in cartoons now," explained Maria Abbott. "Voltron's back in a new form. Thundercats are back. Transformers have never gone away."

A lot of different things can make a toy special to kids and adult. Many people come for the memories.

"My brothers used to destroy my Tonka Trucks, so I'm trying to recoup them now as I am getting older," said David Alicea.

Collector David Alecea brought 7 month old Nicholas with him to share the experience; whether his love of Tonka trucks will be passed on remains to be seen, but he explains the attraction to a toy is often instant.

"It's just the way you look at them; the way you're drawn to the toy. You pick it up, it's yours," said David.

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