Trade in used baby gear for savings

February 13, 2012 2:49:06 PM PST
Buying used baby gear at a garage or consignment sale can be a money-saver, but it can also be risky.

Bruce Yorgey, manager of the Toys R Us store in King of Prussia, Pa., explains, "Many customers have items out there in today's market that don't meet the safety standards of today. There are several items out there that some consumers might not realize might've gone through some recalls over the past several years."

That's one of the reasons Toys R Us stores are holding their annual trade-in promotion through February 20th.

Yorgey explains, "Customers have the opportunity to bring in an old car seat, stroller, crib, any gear item. And in return, what we're going to do, is give them a coupon to save 25% off a brand-new item."

The coupon can be applied to the purchase of any new stroller, crib, play yard or car seat... One you can be sure meets all the current safety regulations.

Since 2009, customers have turned in more than 600,000 used items, including drop-side cribs, which are no longer considered safe, and car seats. Those are manufactured with an expiration date. Just look for it on a sticker, usually on the seat's underside.

Yorgey says "No matter how old, beat-up,or new, we'll absolutely take it. And again, you'll get a coupon to save 25% off."

This is also a great savings deal if your child's outgrown a baby car seat or stroller and needs something larger.

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