ShapelyGirl Fitness

February 13, 2012 7:20:54 AM PST
In South Philadelphia, Alicia Vitarelli she met some amazing women who are losing more than 100 pounds through some serious girl power.

It's all the work of one very special lady who created a special place for them to embrace a healthy, happy lifestyle...and she's leading by example.

Debra Mazda knows a thing or two about the power of positivity and a good push.

"At my top weight I was about 330 pounds and I have lost over 150 pounds," she says.

She started ShapelyGirl Fitness in South Philadelphia four years ago to inspire other women intimidated by exercise.

"I started classes for all women, but specifically for plus sized women."

Sally Weissinger was one of them.

"Most big girls do not feel comfortable working out in a place where there's skinny, fit women," Weissinger says.

Sherri Fisher shed more than 50 and says Mazda has been her mentor and her motivator.

"She said 'Oh you can do this.'" Fisher said. "I told her I couldn't... after sticking to it for about a year I lost 55."

They shimmy. They sculpt. They stretch. They celebrate their successes and together, they shake off the setbacks.