6at4 Business Report: Whitney Houston, Empire State Building IPO, AT&T limits some data

February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston sales soaring
Whitney Houston's albums are currently holding seven of the top ten spots on amazon.com and three of her albums are also in the top 10 on iTunes, including her greatest hits which is the top selling album on iTunes.

AT&T throttling some data users
Be sure not to use too much data! A report by the Associated Press says AT&T is putting clamps on users it considers "heavy cellular data" users. For those users, AT&T is slowing download speeds by roughly 99%, which means a page that would normally take a second to load will instead take about 2 minutes. The paper says AT&T has about 17 million customers that are subject to the limit.

If you want to upgrade your cell phone AT&T started yesterday doubling the price of upgrading to a new cellphone to $36. It's a one-time fee that you pay in addition to the cost of the phone itself.

Empire State Building IPO
Ddo you want to own a piece of the Empire State Buidling? Well, here's your chance. The 102-story Manhanttan landmark is owned by Empire State Realty and they plan to raise $1 billion in an initial public offering. It's coming at a good time, Manhattan office values have gained 87% accroding to Green Street Advisors and seem to be rebounding after the recession.

Apple stock passes $500/share
Apple smashed another record today. The company stock passed the $500 per share mark. The tech giant has seen sales of its iPhone and iPad soar. To give you an idea of the stock's surge: Just 6 months ago shares hit the $400 level for the first time. Three years ago apple stock was introduced at $78.20.

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