Mrs. Fixit: Ribbon Storage

March 4, 2012

All you need for this project is a wood round with a pretty edge, some wood dowels and some decorative finials.

You want to place the dowels so that you can maximize storage space. Place your spools on the round and mark the locations for your dowels.

Use a spade bit to pre-drill the holes for your dowels. A little flag of masking tape with make it easy for you to drill your holes to the same depth.

Clear away any saw dust and slide your dowels in place.

You can make the dowels as long or as short as you want depending upon the amount of storage you need.

Once you've got the dowels to the height you want, you can add cute little finials to the tops to give it a finished look.

Now that it's all together you can paint or stain it to meet your needs. I Iove that all of the ribbon is organized and right at my fingertips!

All that organization - priceless! Try it for yourself! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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