CouponTrade offers three ways to save

March 5, 2012 2:20:02 PM PST
Whether you're looking for coupon codes, discounted gift cards or daily deals, CouponTrade is one site that pulls it all together.

"CouponTrade is an online savings hub where users are able to go on the site, where they can buy discounted gift cards and they can also sell gift cards at a discount," explains CouponTrade's Meghan Fox. "And then we also have free online coupon codes as well."

"So, you just come on the site and you browse through categories for your favorite retailers and then we have coupons, promos, deals, and coupon codes that will direct you automatically to the site and you can use them right on there," adds Fox's co-worker Kellie Felsten.

You can further stretch your dollars by shopping with gift cards that are sold on the site at a discount. For the sellers, it's a way of getting some money for gift cards that would otherwise sit unused. For buyers, it's a way of getting, for example, $50 to spend at Banana Republic for just $47.

Fox explains how you can use the coupon codes and gift cards together to "stack" your savings, "I bought a gift card on the site and then I double-stacked my savings with an online coupon code so I ended up saving I'd say about $30."

The final money-saver on the site is a marketplace for unused Daily Deals. Some sell for the original discount deal price, some for even less.

Felsten says, "Say you bought something and you realize that it's an hour away and you didn't realize that. Or, for any reason that you didn't want to use it. You can just go and sell your daily deal on the site just like you would the gift cards and then another user would buy it from you."

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