Mild winter has Mother Nature mixed up

PHILADELPHIA - February 23, 2012

People came out to enjoy the views, soak up the sun, and have a little lunch.

But for some, this warm weather in February just doesn't feel quite right.

"It's very off. Wonder how the trees will feel about this," Mike Jefferson of Fairmount said.

The mild temperatures have Mother Nature a little mixed up.

On the pier, tree buds are peaking out and on Delaware Avenue the crocuses are in bloom.

"It feels like spring already. It's awesome right now. It's beautiful," Kevin Dinh of South Philadelphia said.

Beautiful and couldn't be better for getting outside.

Who would have thought February would bring fine weather for a game of tennis?

"It's beautiful. The best winter ever. We've been playing so much we're sore from playing so much in the winter. It's kind of amazing," tennis player Mark Lane of South Philadelphia said.

Everyone everywhere is looking for excuses to get outdoors.

They're bringing the babies and man's best friend.

People Action News spoke with know it won't last forever.

Cooler temperature are sure to return. That will mean an end for that early splash of color we've seen. And the experts are also telling us we'll pay for this mild winter later with pests. It could mean more bugs who survive through this mild winter.

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