Mrs. Fixit: Quick Cleanups

From home repair or to handy how-to hints, Mrs. Fixit has the answers you need.

March 17, 2012 5:58:51 AM PDT
Did you know that there's more to think about than the "who is at the door" when it comes to your doorbell? There are some cool choices out there - I'll show you!

Even if you only have ten minutes, you can get a lot done around the house, just take those ten minutes and make them count.

You can dust a room in ten minutes. Pull some cotton socks inside out over your hands and use your hands as tools, pick up an item and dust it off.

Dust the surface it was sitting on and replace the item. This method is quick and efficient and you may even get two rooms done.

You can clean a bathroom in ten minutes! Drop your favorite cleaner in the toilet and let it work while you hit faucets, sinks and showers. Swish and flush the toilet and wipe the floor on your way out the door.

Ten minutes is plenty of time to fold a load of laundry. pull it out and fold it up. then pop a new load in the washer while you're at it.

Ten minutes is more than enough time to make the beds. Pull them togther and fluff everything. It will make the whole room look pulled together.

Ten minutes is enough time to empty all of the trash cans in the house. Just grab a bag and go room by room emptying as you go!