Police: Drugs a motivation in Bucks County burglaries

Warminster Township Police say James Kowalski and Christopher Pulliam were arrested and charged with committing a residential burglary that occurred on Log College Road on 2/14/12. Both Kowalski and Pulliam were also charged with committing several burglaries in Montgomery County. Kowalski and Pulliam were charged with Burglary and related offenses and remanded to the Bucks County Prison in lieu of bail. Doyle, Pulliam's girlfriend, was charged with Receiving Stolen Property and Dealing in Unlawful Proceeds for selling jewelry stolen from this residence. Doyle is free on bail. Cases still pending.

March 27, 2012 9:27:20 AM PDT
Police in Warminster Township, Bucks County say drugs were a motivating factor in a recent burglary spree.

That news came on Tuesday morning as police there released the names and photos of about one dozen suspects.

See photos of the suspects:

Detectives say the arrests were the result of an intensive investigation as the number of burglaries in the area increased over the past few months.

Working in conjunction with police departments in surrounding communities, investigators were able to identify some of the people responsible and recovered stolen property.

Police say, in most cases, the burglars would enter the targeted homes by breaking a rear door or window and taking cash, gold and silver jewelry along with small electronics such as cameras and laptops computers.

The burglaries usually occurred during the daytime hours when the homes were unoccupied, police said.

Several burglary cases remain open. Detectives are still investigating and additional arrests are pending. Since these arrests the burglary rate has reduced dramatically.

The Warminster Police are asking that residents be vigilant and report all suspicious persons and vehicles by calling 911 immediately. If a resident believes their residence was burglarized they are asked to leave the house immediately, go to a safe distance and call 911.