Reptiles, other animals found in Bucks Co. homes

April 3, 2012 4:00:23 PM PDT
Animal Control officers rescued dozens of reptiles and other exotic animals from Bucks County homes.

In a raid on one home last Thursday, animal control officers found a 12-foot boa constrictor among 70 reptiles that also included bearded dragons, California king snakes, turtles and even a baby alligator.

All of the animals were moved to a different facility.

"Some of the animals have gone to specialists in their area - for one, we didn't want the alligator going to just any public member," said Maria Rupp of the Bucks County SPCA.

A few days earlier, the Bucks County SPCA moved in on another home filled with 63 animals including exotic birds, dogs, cats and kittens.

In both cases, authorities said, the animals were living in squalid conditions. Many of the animals were found covered in their own filth and diseased.

"When there's that number of animals in those kind of conditions, with lack of vet care and lack of sanitation, that's when they fall into the hoarding category," said Humane Police Officer Kathy Myron.

SPCA officials are not releasing the locations of the two homes involved and are not identifying the owners. That's because there is no evidence that these animals were physically abused and, the SPCA said, the owners are being cooperative.

Myron says the SPCA's goal is to protect the animals, not necessarily punish the owners.

"They are allowing us to find homes for the animals and, at this time, we are not pressing charges," Myron said.

Most of the animals seized are available for adoption now or will be in the next two weeks.

ONLINE: The Bucks County SPCA