Teen girl charged in death of her newborn

April 24, 2012 3:19:57 PM PDT
A teenage girl from Berks County is charged with homicide in connection with the death of her newborn baby.

The Berks County District Attorney said 16-year-old Angela Lightcap, of Greenwich Township, was apparently able to hide the fact she was pregnant up until the day she gave birth.

"It was full term baby, and I'm certain there was a family out there that would have loved to adopt this child. It's troubling, to say the least," said D.A. John Adams.

Investigators say the baby drowned in a bathtub inside Lightcap's family home in Creek Road back on January 9th. Police became aware of the situation when Lightcap allegedly went to the hospital for excessive bleeding after improperly cutting the umbilical cord with a pair of household scissors.

A nurse at Lehigh Valley Hospital notified police that the Kutztown High School junior had clearly given birth a short time earlier.

"State police investigated this matter. They went to the home, they searched the home, and found a deceased young male in a trash can," said Adams.

Investigators say it seems no one was aware of the pregnancy except for Lightcap and her ex-boyfriend, who was the father.

There was no answer when Action News went to Lightcap's home on Tuesday. However, Action News was able to speak to some of her classmates and friends at Kutztown High who say they simply cannot believe the story is true.

"She's a really sweet girl, she's really nice. I just never would have thought of anything like this," said classmate Codey Lance.

While Lightcap is being charged in a juvenile detention center, she is being charged as an adult with homicide and concealing the death of a child.