DA: Man, female inmate smuggled drugs into Chester County prison

Dennis Leffew and Jessica Williams

April 25, 2012 10:41:21 AM PDT
A man from Maryland, and a female inmate from Pa., have been arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs into the Chester County Prison.

In a news release issued on Wednesday, District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrests of 70-year-old Dennis D. Leffew of Elkton, Md. and 25-year-old Jessica Williams, a prison inmate.

Leffew is charged with delivering the drug Suboxone to Williams, an inmate at Chester County Prison, on four occasions between February 8, 2012, and April 11, 2012, Hogan said. The two face charges of conspiracy, delivering contraband to a prison inmate, drug delivery, and related charges.

According to investigators, prison officials obtained four envelopes with an orange strip located below the postage stamp. Medical personnel examined the strip and, authorities said, it contained Suboxone, a Schedule III narcotic.

Additionally, Hogan said, Leffew visited and called Williams on a regular basis. In recorded phone calls, investigators say Leffew and Williams discussed how to obtain, transport, and deliver Suboxone into the prison by placing the Suboxone under the return address decal and the oversized postage stamp.

? Detectives searched Leffew's home, Hogan said, and allegedly discovered letters from Williams to Leffew describing from whom to purchase the drug and how to ship the drug into Chester County Prison.? The detectives also allegedly seized more Suboxone.

"If these two criminals spent as much time and creativity on doing something useful as they did on sneaking drugs into a prison, they might be gainfully employed.? Instead, they both are looking at felony convictions," Hogan said in a statement.

Suboxone's prescribed use is to treat opiate addiction. However, Hogan said, it is often used alone or in combination with other drugs by drug users to get high.?