Who are the SEPTA Powerball winners?

April 27, 2012 3:37:49 PM PDT
It's the question being asked all over Philadelphia - who are the 48 SEPTA workers who hit the Powerball jackpot?

News swept SEPTA headquarters in Center City that the workers struck it big in the Wednesday drawing, worth $172.7 million.

The winners want to remain anonymous so, while we don't know who they are, it's clear who they are not!

"If I would have won that money, I would not be standing here right now!" said SEPTA employee Evelyn Carter. "I'd be home flipping over!"

"I'm here at seven in the morning and I got a good night's sleep. That means, by definition, I did not just win," said SEPTA worker Jeff Brown.

The winners are part of an informal office pool from the 11th floor that chips in $5. Usually, 49 people play, but one of the regulars didn't participate this week, meaning she was left out of the winners.

"Shoot, I would have been highly upset if I was that one person that didn't get it!" said SEPTA employee Tobarria Guess.

The employees range from upper management to the custodial staff. Some have worked for the agency for as little as two years, while others have been there for upwards of 40 years.

The jackpot has spawned talk of creating more office pools - immediately!

"We're going to start it, starting next week," said SEPTA employee Gloria Simmons.

If the group takes the lump sum and splits the money evenly, the share comes to about $2.2 million each - but $1.7 million after federal taxes.