Federal charges filed against Warrington pipe bomb suspect

John Grzyminski

May 11, 2012 3:36:58 PM PDT
The man accused of making several pipe bombs inside his Bucks County home is now facing federal charges.

John Grzyminski, 50, of 1815 Saddle Drive in Warrington was taken into custody without incident on Thursday morning in Buckingham Township.

He was being sought on charges of possessing or manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, risking a catastrophe, possession of instruments of crime and recklessly endangering another person.

Grzyminski now faces federal charges claiming he knowingly possessed firearms which were not registered to him along with the possession of three pipe bombs, which are destructive devices.

Chopper 6 HD was overhead as the ATF used a dog to search his truck, a black Dodge Ram, on Upper Mountain Road at Route 202 in Solebury Township, Bucks County.

A short time later, a handcuffed Grzyminski was escorted into a Warrington Township Police vehicle.

The Action Cam was there as Grzyminski was brought into the police station. He told waiting reporters, "They were firecrackers. I'm not a terrorist," before being led inside.

Police say they found three seven-inch long pipe bombs when they searched Grzyminski's house yesterday.

They also found several cans of what appears to be explosive powder and a small arsenal of guns.

It all started when his mother, Catherine Wilson, called the police. She owns the house and Grzyminski had been living there alone for about 20 years. Wilson has been trying to get him to move out of the home and on Wednesday she had returned to the house after having had surgery.

When she and her other son, Michael Gryzminski, approached the house they noticed that her wheelchair ramp had been removed. John then confronted the two of them outside the house. That's when Catherine notified the authorities and John Grzyminski then left the house.

When Catherine and Michael went inside they found what appeared to be a pipe bomb with a fuse on the kitchen counter. Police later found two more bombs on a bureau in a bedroom.

Officials evacuated the neighborhood and called in the bomb squad, which disarmed the devices.

Grzyminski actually came back to the scene, but was refused entry to the home by police. He allegedly admitted to officers that he knew of the device that was found and told officers that it was fireworks for the Fourth of July. He then drove away.

Federal agents came back to the house Thursday searching for more evidence. They emerged with another stockpile of guns.

"We definitely want to assure the citizens of this community, there is absolutely no evidence that he's affiliated with any type of groups of terrorism, we truly believe this is an isolated incident," ATF agent Sam Rabadi said.

Police issued an arrest warrant for Grzyminski and launched a massive search.

It ended when he was spotted and pulled over by a Solebury Township police officer at just before noon Thursday.

He gave up quietly.

Grzyminski claims he was using the explosives for bear hunting.

The police aren't buying it.

"These devices that serve no useful purpose and we're just concerned why they are made what intent they were being used for," Warring Township Police Chief James Miller said.